Unique Vase Red

Add some colour to your home with this original red glazed ceramic vase from West Germany. The factory is called Bay Keramik. It will make a striking addition to any space. Investment piece!
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  • Vintage but good condition
  • Dimensions hxbxl: 14,5x7x7cm

West German Pottery' is a term describing pottery made in the former West Germany between 1949 & 1989.

Much of it has a very distinctive look, involving thick glazes and bright, bold colours - and is easily recognisable with its 1960s/70s hippie-ish aesthetic. It was produced over the years by many different factories across West Germany.

If you inspect the bottom of a West German vase or pot, you are likely to find a series of numbers.

This particular piece was made by Bay Factory in the 1970s.